Sabalico CMS

The Sabalico CMS is a content management system built using the Sabalico Framework and incorporates a number of free features as well as a template website to begin the construction of either a static or dynamic CMS.


Using the Sabalico Framework and CMS you can have a website built within a few hours that normally took a few days using custom coding. Just upload the folder and get coding!


The Sabalico Framework is the main CSS backbone that powers the rest of the content management system and features. It is fully responsive as well. Scripts are included to automatically update to the latest edition or you can download the file and manipulate it on your own, the options are yours.

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Sabalico Features - Command Center
Admin Panel

The Admin Panel makes managing your features as well as designing your website very easy. It is not mandatory to install the admin panel to build one of our websites however, it is highly recommend based on the time it saves for people who are not experienced developers.


The CMS comes preloaded with tons of features that you can use to easily construct a website. Many features require the admin panel although others can be used without it.


Features can be easily installed and deleted through the admin panel. Pick just one or have em all and change it later, its all up to you.

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Sabalico Features - Full Stack Web Development
Website Design
Sabalico Features - Website Design