Sabalico Features

Sabalico contains tons of easily installable features to customize your website and add user interactivity. Some features require the CMS to be installed however, all are compartmentalized so that you can add and delete at will.


Learn to build features such as tabbed containers, toggles, lightboxes and more for your website. These HTML, CSS and Javascript features help add interactivity to ones website and allow for more content in a smaller space. Easily customizable for your individual site, these features are also responsive for every device.


Connecting to your social media accounts is important for building links between various services and increasing your presence. Learn how to add integrations for popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more.


Forms are essential for visitors to communicate with you or to perform actions such as shopping cart functions and checkout. It is essential to build forms correctly and securely or else your sensitive customer information can be stolen or filled with spam.